Building a Quality Site Base for White Hat SEO


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Yeah, so I’ve actually been asked now a couple of times about what things I’ve done to utilize the proper method of knowing and understanding, right, with LOI. The, along the way, right, I first was exposed to certain things from LOI back in 2013 and [00:00:30] probably 2014 early in the year I had the experience where I said you know kinda my mind “broke” so to speak. And it broke due to realizing that someone I trusted offered a way to know what is true and [00:01:00] that did not immediately change my behavior to act in a way that that was important. There was a certain way my mind understood it was important but it got kind of classified as okay, that’s one more thing I can learn to add to what I already know, how I already operate, how I already [00:01:30] know to make money or make friends or enjoy my life or whatever it might be. It was something that I treated that way. But that was not the thing that kinda broke my mind so to speak, or that was the way I phrased it when I talked to David Mike. The thing that broke my mind was that I realized [00:02:00] I did not have a good way of knowing what was true because I had evidence, personal experience evidence, that I did not understand what was important, because I had a year worth of, or whatever, [00:02:30] 9 months’ worth of behavior that did not, that there was a contradiction in.

Now what wound up happening, and I talked about this in another recording that I’ve done that you may find here on my channel or my website so to speak, the, what happened after that break also again was not, [00:03:00] okay now let me go in here and try to replace whatever it is I do to think about what’s important or good or true, right. What wound up happening was that as time moved on more and more behaviors or systems of behavior in my life began, I don’t know that they [00:03:30] necessarily broke down more, but I noticed more and more of the problems with them. More and more problems, I became aware, I noticed more of the problems I had in communication with my wife or my family, my kids, you know, my parents, with business partners. And I believe, though I don’t know for sure, that one of the reasons [00:04:00] that I began to notice that was there was that seed of doubt, but also of knowing that I for whatever reason needed even more evidence to override the current system I had or work with the current system I had before I would say, okay I need to go do something completely different, [00:04:30] I need to develop a method of knowing what’s true. Not just develop it, understand it, use it, practice it, and utilize it to build what I know about myself and the world and things.

One of the first very, very practical examples or opportunities I had, I guess, or was forced to have, here nearing [00:05:00] the end of 2017, right, about 2-3 years later after a lot of this kind of you know, has been building and you know, I’ve been learning intellectually, so to speak, these things. They were like kinda trying to fit into my old model as opposed to replacing the old model. But David was talking to me about the direction that a business I work in that he built and designed called OMG Machines, [00:05:30] was going to move forward into next year and he, you know, and he, we talked and he came up with you know a task and a direction for me to build, create, training that he very specifically wanted called Building a Quality Site Base for White Hat SCO. And [00:06:00] there was something in you know, having talked to David and knowing David now for several years that I understood was a very specific request, it was not a “hey go do some training about White Hat SEO” or something. There was not any ambiguity about exactly the title he wanted applied to that. And there was something about that specific request made of me from someone [00:06:30] I knew understood how to know and who also knows to some degree that I’m familiar with his training and the method and all that sort of thing, that I applied that method to understanding what each of those terms in that title, that I needed to understand them properly. And at first I wanted to go off to the races, because I knew how to do SEO obviously, [00:07:00] I’ve ranked hundreds or thousands of sites. I’ve been teaching SEO and the people who have learned what I’ve taught have been able to replicate it. I learned it obviously from Greg Morrison, who is the original SEO in the OMG Machines company. So I wanted to just go ahead and say “oh I already know this, let me just get to it” because I know kinda what White Hat is I kinda, you know, [00:07:30] I obviously know how to build because I’ve got some construction, I’ve built websites, so I know building, I know SEO, you know, I know what White Hat is because it’s something different than Black Hat, but that task I slowed down to the point of saying, “okay, do I really, really know for certain [00:08:00] what SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is, which is the term that I felt most comfortable and confident with knowing, right.

And that feeling of certainty I put aside to say okay if I am certain, I should be able to build this understanding up from, properly, using a method [00:08:30] of knowing where, you know, if you get to a question, you take the question apart and see if there are component parts to it and you can start to build pieces of that question that at a certain point you can get to a foundational understanding because you know the opposite of that thing can’t be true, right. David began, so to speak, or got to a point where [00:09:00] epistemology wise he was able to build things from I am conscience of something, because the opposite of that, which is I am not conscience of anything, or I am conscience of nothing, that can’t be true, that’s a non-starter. So I applied that method to understanding SEO, and I’d [00:09:30] already done a lot of this work, but I hadn’t been ruthless with it, I hadn’t taken the time to completely develop exactly what that is. And you know, we work in Google right now, that’s the main company with search engines that we’ve kind of prioritized our training around but in order to do search engine optimization you’ve also got to understand what a search engine [00:10:00] is and, you know, how they’re built, and how they’re made and what they do, and what their purpose is and why people then would use a search engine. And all of these things had to be developed for me to even properly understand what the term that I thought I knew best, which is SEO, actually is. And I actually, in the training, if you’ve been part of the OMG training and you’ve listened to it, [00:10:30] you understand how I actually have realized that even that term winds up kind of blinding people to what we’re actually doing. And so have, you know, developed some alternate terminology, not obviously to be the word police, but conceptually speaking, most people have an idea about what optimization is, that term, what it means kind of, whether [00:11:00] people describe it with the exact same words or not, they have a concept of what optimization would be. And, it actually the truth of what we’re doing and the behavior, the method, of ranking on Google, isn’t limited to that term, optimization, right. It’s even more closely related to building and [00:11:30] anyway, I did that with each of those words, so to speak, in building a quality site base for White Hat SEO and spent probably, not that the hours mean much, but actively working through dialog like this where I would record my thought, get that thought transcribed, [00:12:00] re-listen to my audio while reading the transcription and pull out things that I didn’t fully describe property or were still had, you know, they were ambiguous in some way, they could have meant a couple different things, and spent, you know, the better part of probably 40-60 hours doing that work actively. And then obviously the time [00:12:30] when I wasn’t actively working on it I had the question as the only goal I had right then to understand so my subconscious was cranking on things and coming up with more creativity and the questions that I could ask to dissolve some of the fuzziness. And for me this experience now has been so profoundly different from other things [00:13:00] that I felt certain about that it’s going to be a real building block for me to feel that this method is what needs to be used for me to understand something.

Now one of the things that I’m working on at the moment with this, with that question, is there are times when you can’t [00:13:30] take 80 hours to know what a sentence means, you know, it is just in practical use, you know conversations don’t span years, often. You know, sometimes they do obviously with people you have long-term relationships with, but the neat thing is that so much of the right questions, and even the right answers, have been built, and we have training for it, in [00:14:00] David’s LOI material, that we can kind of shortcut a lot of that stuff. But I would really hazard people against thinking that you’re going to learn this in the way that many people, at least in the west, or people in my groups, think they learn something, which is to fit it into their model of behavior and their framework and paradigm and all those [00:14:30] words that are kind of pop culture and self-improvement. It’s not even changing a paradigm, the entire model of understanding is different. It’s not, you know, thinking there’s going from no scarcity to, you know, abundance, that’s kind of a shift in a paradigm, that’s shifting a single concept. This is a foundationally different dimension. [00:15:00] In the current series David is working on dimensionality of being able to know what’s true and from knowing what’s true being able to understand what’s good and understand what’s important, and thereby prioritize effort and time and attention spent on things that are more important than others and thereby improve your life.

[00:15:30] I’ll continue to build these out, these are probably gonna be among the first recordings that I am going to start building the content I’m putting out on the web with. I’ve got literally hundreds of hours of this sort of thing in my computer, but it’s so, this may seem rough and fractured and disconnected, but it’s a lot less than it used to be. So [00:16:00] there’s quite a bit of sense of improvement that has come, not just from practice, but of being able to shift how it feels to build properly, to build understanding properly, to have that feel like it’s the right way to do things. Now what I would love to be able to get to, and this, and [00:16:30] I say this because me speaking this way, at the moment, may not outwardly appear or seem to someone not familiar with this type of thing, to be the most important thing that they need to dig into and figure out in life, because they may already have a PHD or two, they may already run a multi-million dollar company, [00:17:00] they may already have, you know, a list of people they call friends that are important, you know, and famous or popular, or whatever it might be, and several of those things I’ve done too, but it was not proof that I knew, that I really knew anything. It was just kinda proof that I was doing some things that worked, but they didn’t work every time. So [00:17:30] what I want to try to move toward is a way of getting the attention on understanding that this method is the most important thing that everyone needs to have in their life, which then leads to the question which I know that David, at least, has already been working on, which is how do we make [00:18:00] this look more important than anything else to someone who does not already have this method?

So, that’s my recording for right now, I wanted to kinda capture that. I just had a conversation with my wife about a couple of these things, she’s like, well go record those, because I tend to carry a tape recorder around with me a lot and many times have conversations that I wish that I could [00:18:30] go back and pull out and somehow utilize, but I’m working on that more and more and that’s going to be the basis of a lot of the content that I put out in this kind of realm, which is, again as I say, this is the most important thing to know. It’s also because I understand that, and getting more and more to the point where I feel it [00:19:00] all the time, it’s now, I get to utilize that because I’m also getting you know, building better and better systems so that money is not a limiting factor in my life. It’s not a bottleneck that I have to do things that aren’t, wouldn’t otherwise be a priority, because of. So, yeah, I could just con, these kind of stream of consciousness [00:19:30] things are not necessarily just rambling but they are ways to kind of continue to build the context around how this might work in your life, because it’s how it has worked in mine, and sharing that experience in some way I hope will help people to continue to put, you know, more effort into than might otherwise [00:20:00] seem normal, like if something’s really exciting, and it feels really important it sometimes doesn’t seem like it’s hard to go do. Whereas, you know, it’s like oh man I gotta get up and go do this thing I don’t really wanna do, but I know I need to do it so I kinda trudge off and kinda put that emotional effort into, that emotional effort tends to fade away the more [00:20:30] this, it doesn’t all just make sense but in some way, and this is one of the things I’m working on after a conversation I had a couple of weeks ago now, is what that feeling comes from of, yeah, I know I need to do it and it’s important but it doesn’t feel important, doesn’t feel good or right. And then, also then what those feelings of excitement and importance and [00:21:00] you know that kind of thing come from. So that, you know, I can kind of dissolve some of those wrong ideas or concepts that I have.

Anyway, I will sign off on that. Take care, God bless.

I Get Up- Joshua Fletcher

I Get Up

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

St Francis of Assisi


To know the art, is to know the artist.

Joshua Corson Fletcher

Joshua Fletcher Fletch Attic Photo Phoenix



Precariously balanced above the ceiling of a homeowner I didn’t even know, I took a gamble and reached into my pocket for a vibrating cell phone.  I was hoping for some good news from my new and pregnant wife.  I didn’t even know Natalie’s voice well enough yet to know what the call was about, even after our exchange of pleasantries.

“I wanted to give you some warning.  Our water got turned off by the city today.  I’m OK.  We knew we were behind…  I can take a shower at my Mom’s house….  just wanted to give you some time to explain this to Matea…  may not understand… don’t want her to be scared.

147 degrees and I couldn’t feel any heat in that attic. Knocked out and woke up all at once.  Like flipping instantly out of one reality and into another.

How did I get here?

How long had this been coming?  The slippery slope of entropy had finally gotten it’s grab on me.

Am I one of those stories people talk about; why is that guy driving an old beat up truck around Phoenix in the summer to fix people’s insulation?

I’ll send you a report and bid in the next couple days, Mrs. So-and-So.

At 45 miles per hour, top speed, it would take me an hour to drive this orange SUV home. Yeah it was orange.  I hadn’t figured much out in the 37 years leading up to that point, but I could get this right in an hour….  ha, right…  maybe after a few beers I’d have some ideas about what to do.

Except I had promised.  I really had, before God and Country.  Right in front of that minister who worked for me while stealing my clients. Even had witnesses; the most hopelessly sweet and interesting drug addict and his porn star wife to witness, I had promised my wife to take care of her and our family.

What in the f*ck had happened here?

Wrong question.  And I really shouldn’t cuss.  I was a dad now.  And my dad didn’t cuss.  Except on the job-site. It was probably that stripper I tried to marry who got me arrested and emptied my bank account, or the corporate attorney with sexual anorexia, maybe it was broken legs and walking around on someone else’s tendon, or building that off grid Alaska cabin, easy boozy A’s at Harvard, the Dallas Cowboys pro scout?  I couldn’t know.  And mostly it was only on me to get it right.  But those PUA camps in Vegas?  Discovering my superpower, a liver capable of processing un-Godly amounts of alcohol every single day while protecting my brain and it’s ability to communicate with other brain-bodies in a fantastically impressive and depressive fashion.  I mean I was broke and broken, but I was some kinda talented individual.  I just wasn’t quite ready to start living, like for real living.

I needed that beer.  Pretty bad….   I could just open the water valve and turn it back on when i got home.  That would fix it.  It wasn’t stealing because I would pay it back anyway, and I hated the friggin government even though I had arrested people before.  How messed up was that?  Pot brownies for desert from a hard day of arresting a fisherman smoking weed?  Maybe that was my point of departure.  Shit.  Nope.  It was time to stop.  I needed to understand what I had missed along the way.

I Get Up- Joshua FletcherShut up idiot.  You don’t need to try and understand.  This is just life and it’s time to hustle and get some more work lined up.  Except I was horribly talented already and I was still here in this mess and now there were people I love in it with me.  Well, ok, I’ll hustle and get some work and then I’ll figure out what I had wrong all along.

I bet the internet will have some answers.  Probably from a bunch of folks who don’t know anything and are just techno-used-car-salesman types who don’t even need a car to sell.  I’d seen people selling dreams before.  I was one of them.  I sold myself on the dream of staring in my own reality TV show.  Watching me play out daily scenarios in my life then telling other people the stories.

I had about 8 months until we had a family of four.  I had $238 in the bank, that is, after I deposited this $99 check.  A couple things saved me that day.  My wife #1.  She didn’t blame and didn’t hold this against me.  Number 2 was a lesson I had learned from my Dad and from his Dad before him.  There will come a time when you are alone, and you are going to have to fix whatever it is that breaks, yourself.

Alright Billy Mills, you wanted to run from behind and try to see how far behind you could get and still wind up winning.

Ok, that’s enough.  Let’s see if I remember how to run….