The power of vocabulary in strategy in thinking

Why am I doing this group (Fatpath to Success) and having these conversations and exploring this in a public manner?
I finally poked around long enough to explain why I clamped onto something promised in a training program long enough to gain clarity that this is the path. While it rough going, overgrown and bushy, it is the way and it is clear it is the only way we can rely upon, as we must rely upon our own experience in life.
“I would be limited by luck and hard work, unless I could see, understand (and live in) a world I understood”
I very much took something David Mills posed seriously when he said, “I’m proposing you drop everything and place understanding what I am teaching as the sole priority in your life”.
It has been a challenge many times. To fully drop income and growth as a goal. And feeling good about myself.
About feeling like a good dad, a good husband, a good teacher or coach. An important person.
I am not sure how much of that type thing to share here or more publicly in Facebook groups. But nonetheless, it was what I sought. I have found that method and it is what I needed.
It’s really tough for me to not get stuck in ego. David’s material on cause and effect and that not really being what is going on was a crack in that model I need to do more work with.
In the ancient Norse myth, Odin giving his eye for wisdom. It shows something that many translations miss, in plucking out your eye so you can look back at yourself from outside yourself being a source of wisdom worth the price.
Yes, you have to give something up to be able to do that. Something not many beings are willing to give. A thing that is a paradox. Seeing better with less ability to see… And Odin’s sacrificing himself on the tree, what came from that. I used Odin, but Jesus could be the example as well. Quite a lot I want to re-tell and help people learn and see.
I got shot at while I was fishing a couple years ago by two guys with AK or AR rifles and fell down a cliff and landed on a big rock on the back of my head. Longer story for sure but then while getting my brain back, tripped over my old dog and cracked my head again. The odd brain stuff that happened after those events weren’t fun at all, but helped me sort out some of this odd brain stuff.
No photo description available.
Reason I mention those things is that it helped me create distinction in brain function. How memory and thought interplay. You don’t want to remember everything nor forget everything either. We need effective filters.
I haven’t talked much about how strange and influential our brains and memories are and how to how we interact with thoughts and decisions. A lot of people in my life have a ethos and a belief about what happens after death to “us”, but never really get to a point where we have to face facts that we are not our brains. Whether you get there through God, or Psychedelics or Carl Jung, whatever we are, is not this physical body.
Several experiences made me really try to understand brain function, how that differs from the mind, the role of memory in thinking and associations…. How it filters and shapes our lives.
You have to account for what you remember and what you believe. What you believe isn’t necessarily completely true. It’s just true in your mind. It is a memory or a lack thereof.
So getting into what I’m doing here in FatPath…
I didn’t know how to account for fairly simple uneducated folks succeeding and being happy and wealthy and loving…. and educated driven people being miserable failures and gifted people not winning and despicable people winning and good people losing and becoming deflated.
I wanted to understand what is actually going on. I didn’t know how to justify wanting that, but I also didn’t know how to ignore it.
Luck happens
Work gets you up a hill
Those truths still left me rudderless.
I wanted more. Having an engine and luck happening, still left me without a trustworthy steering wheel.
I wanted to understand
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Recognizing Luck

This article came to my attention this morning from a friend who shared it on Facebook.  A couple thoughts came up as I read it.

  1. How dangerous it could potentially be to believe that success in life boiled down to luck
  2. Predictive computational behavioral models assume that people actually have an accurate understanding of their own abilities

It would be interesting to know how the model turned out if another variable was added that was more along the lines of “recognizing ‘luck’ and locking in gains”. It seems a lot of us here are lucky, in that we were born to be old enough to remember before internet and after internet and the advantages that holds with recognizing certain problems that can be solved by the internet, but many people don’t recognize that the internet playing field offers lop-sided risk/reward. I’ve given A LOT of thought to seeming intelligence and success and how disconnected they seem to be in a lot of people. Recognizing luck kinda seems even more predictive than the luck itself.


Luck definitely exists and definitely affects things.  A major issue with how our brains understand luck is that we have a tendency to either start believing that we are “lucky”, or to write off factors that are in our control, such as putting ourselves into situations where there is a lopsided opportunity to get lucky without the downside risk being as great.


Interesting read though!  Thanks for sharing Jason Calouri!


Here is a link to the article in case you’d like to read it.