This had better work

This had better work


So, I was climbing from rafter to rafter, on my hands and knees when I got that special ring. The one I’d programmed into my phone attached to my wife.

“Hi honey!”

“Hey babe, just so you know, I know you’ll figure this out…”


“I wanted to give you some time before Matea gets home to figure out what to say, but the utility company just came and turned our water off.”

“Uh, Ok. So our water got turned off?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to give you a few hours to figure out what you’ll say. I’ll see you when you get home. I love you….”


Did I mention my wife was pregnant?

Did I mention that we had been married only a few months?

Did I mention that attic I was crawling in was 153 degrees?

Did I mention that I drove my orange 1972 International Travelall home, thinking the whole time that if I’d have had a few hundred more dollars I’d have just gassed up, packed up the family and gone north?

I decided that this time I wouldn’t try to escape.

Starbucks opened at 4am.

I needed internet and a plugin.

My laptop didn’t work if it wasn’t plugged in.

There was no internet connection at the house.

I needed starbucks. It could let me find a solution.

Google it.

I have a problem, how do I solve it, Google?

I found a solution that Google recommended.

I could afford it if I sold my truck.

I loved that truck, so maybe a title loan?

Ok, title in hand, I got 6 months to pay back the $1,500. It bought me 3 months of payments on the program.

Ok, game on.

It was kind of like coming in in the fourth quarter of a playoff game on 3rd down.

There wasn’t time for warm up or thinking things through…

This had better work…


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