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A major issue that I had earlier in my life was that I was really focused on learning and winning.  Those aren’t problems by themselves, but when they are mixed with beliefs that aren’t true and faulty models of the world, it can be a recipe for disaster.  You can learn your way out of nearly every problem you may have, but it’s likely going to be through different methods than those that created the problem in the first place.

The training I received in this area came form David Mills and the community of people at OMG Machines.  I now coach, train and teach within OMG as well as run a digital marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ.

If you are interested in understanding the true power you have, it’s nature and how to use it, click over to OMG Machines and “opt-in”.  It is a beautiful example of a trojan horse that teaches making money on the internet as a way to help people get un-stuck enough in life to start working on bigger problems than “how am I going to retire?”.